What is a Deal Clinic?

A deal clinic is an assisted customer visit whereby a consultant from Shark Finesse accompanies the sales consultant to an end user site in order to build a business case for a proposed solution.

What will happen during the visit?

The end customer, sales consultant and the Shark Finesse representative will input to a discussion about the sales solution under consideration, the benefits it could provide for the customer, and using the Shark software “live” during the meeting, will convert these potential benefits into a Return On Investment (ROI) based business case.

How can the end customer prepare for this?

The customer can think about the current areas of potential business improvement, and prepare to convert these into the improvement in revenues, reduction in cost, timing of benefits, etc. that will form the basis of the ROI based business case.

For example… if all sales invoices will now be produced electronically, this could save 1 day printing time, 2 days postage, 1 day batch run, and 1 day ledger posting inside the client. That’s a total potential time saving of 5 days. One economic benefit of this could be an improvement in cash collection times after the solution is deployed…and the parties will agree a typical minimum improvement that could be realised… of say 2 days collection time. This agreed (potential) improvement will then be valued and included in the ROI based business case. The image above indicates a typical list of economic arguments.

What will the customer receive?

The customer receives a word document showing:-

  • Categories of benefits agreed (usually about 4 / 5 areas of benefit)
  • Financial value to the customer
  • Comparison against possible solution costs
  • 3 key ROI measures Payback, Net Present Value, and Internal Rate Of Return
  • Discounted cash flow

…all written up in an impressive “Board Ready” business case.

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