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At Shark we have created business case software to help YOU win budget

Shark ROI Software provides everything you need to create customer specific ROI based business cases for your proposed solution. The software is easy to use, intuitive and usable directly with the customer to negotiate the likely business returns from investing in your solution.


  • Overcome the biggest competitor… “Do-nothing”
  • Better articulate the business value of your solution… Only 21% of professional buyers award contracts to the lowest bidders
  • Improve client credibility and differentiate yourself by addressing the economic buyer with real value selling
  • 75% of CIO’s have no formal business training… Help them build their business case


Who is it for?

The Shark software is used by sales, pre-sales, product marketing, consulting and bid teams to ensure that proposals are cost-effective and fully differentiated from the competition.

Shark has helped increase sales conversion rates across many large and small businesses. With a flexible and user friendly approach it has established international use throughout the public and private sectors.


  • A standard configurable structure covering a wide range of industries from fork-lift trucks through telecoms and chemicals to software solutions
  • Build your sales intelligence database – you own all the IP of your business case (we don’t share them with anyone else)
  • Get up and running fast – Shark are the creators and owners of the process and the huge library of the industry drivers


How it’s done

Shark uses a straightforward, step by step method that involves talking to your client and helping them value how your solution will help their business.

Using this information the software creates a business case that is ready for rapid review in the boardroom and will not only justify itself, but also outperform other requests for money. Board sign off has never been so easy!


  • Available as a desktop or online version
  • Usually customised for individual client needs but a generic version is also available
  • Business case output into Microsoft™ Word, rich text format (.rtf) or Adobe PDF (.pdf), presentation in Microsoft™ PowerPoint (.ppt)
  • Report available in short or long form to suit different points in the sales cycle
  • Graphing options of line, pie and bar charts for agreed benefits and ROI calculations
  • Creation of your own benefit menus to help build customised business cases
  • Certified professional accounting approach

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