Shark ROI Software

The new standard in business case automation for solution selling
Shark ROI Software provides everything you need to create customer specific ROI based business cases for your proposed solution. The software is easy to use, intuitive and usable directly with the customer to negotiate the likely business returns from investing in your solution.

  • Overcome the biggest competitor… “Do-nothing”
  • Better articulate the business value of your solution…Only 21% of professional buyers award contracts to the lowest bidders
  • Improve client credibility and differentiate yourself by addressing the economic buyer with real value selling
  • 75% of CIO’s have no formal business training…Help them build their business case

“My Sales people are very impressed – all it took was to see the customer’s reaction, converting what is typically a technical feature sale to a value based sale and how fast it moved the process to order.” Dan Jurkovich, President – ProProducts


Three stage process to proven ROI

Shark software uses a simple three (3) stage process to build a client sponsored ROI business case ready for budget approval.

Identify and agree with the customer believable benefits and savings that justify your solution.

ROI Calculations
Import the benefits and appraisal details from the evaluation stage and quickly produce the three key ROI measures – NPV, IRR and Payback.

Business Case Output
Generate an automated business case ready for management or board approval. Shark software business cases are generated directly into Microsoft™ Word giving the user the flexibility to tailor the report further and instantly deliver either a Short or Long form to the customer.


Produce an automated presentation providing various graphical representations of the ROI and benefits overview.



To assist the business case review process, Shark has permanent “anytime” access to built-in glossaries and wizards. These tools explain financial, commercial and trading terminology as well as advice on leasing.

Create your own Benefits Menus
Creation of your own benefit menus is offered through the Custom Suite Builder – define the benefit menu by customer, industry, product or service with “drag and drop” functionality.

Various line, pie and bar chart representation of agreed benefits and ROI calculations are produced.

Complements Your Existing Sales Process
Whether you follow Miller Heimann, Huthwaite or TAS or your own in-house sales process, Shark helps companies engage with the economic buyer, underpins a consultative selling approach and delivers the output necessary to satisfy decision maker requirements.

This covers topics such as board decision making, ROI principles and business value concepts. While Shark software is intuitive and simple to use, class exercises cover “best practice” techniques in asking the right questions and building business cases live with the customer using Shark software. The course length depends on capability levels and can be delivered at your office locations or Shark training centre.

Train the Trainer
A comprehensive facilitation program containing video support, user guides, scripted presentation slides, Q&As and exercises is available in a professionally created pack for those customers who require wide deployment of Shark ROI software and training.

To fully support this process, three short videos have been produced showing different customer and supplier scenes covering Board decision making, advice from the Finance Director and fulfilling a business case review live with the customer.


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