Deal Clinics


Sometimes a deal just gets stuck and you need a new approach to flush out the order…our Deal Clinics could be the answer.

During a Shark Deal Clinic one of our experienced Directors will assist you in building an ROI based business case with your client. This face-to-face consultancy session will help your sales people provide assistance to clients who are having difficulty in making that final purchase decision. Using Shark software we will act as an extension of your own sales team to discover, with your client, the true value your solution will bring to their business and the returns this will generate.

Our customers often want to see a Deal Clinic completed before releasing their own team into the wider world. They get us to meet their client and, following the Deal Clinic, ask the client to describe the effectiveness and value derived from the Shark approach. While the Deal Clinic is not primarily designed for this purpose, it is a service that ultimately promotes the value of everything that Shark delivers.


Who is it for?

Deal clinics can be arranged for users of Shark software who wish to learn the process of business case creation in a live customer meeting environment.


Sales people with stuck deals who need to build a credible and board ready business case for their clients.

What you will see:

  • Focused client engagement without the need for multiple repeat visits
  • Free up deals that are currently stuck
  • Justification of investment to prove business value
  • Empowered and satisfied sales people who are better prepared to meet their targets and client’s financial requirement

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