Benefits Discovery Workshop full story

Shark software delivers ROI appraisals, helps prove the business value of technology solutions via a business benefit template and produces economically justified proposals for clients to help secure budget.

1-day workshop for customisation of Shark  ‘Evaluator Suites’

Facilitate and run a 1-day consultancy based workshop, attended by the client product, sales and pre-sales specialists to identify the economic and business benefits of the clients solutions, as well as the types and families of economic evaluators required.

This session will be held at either the client’s or the Shark Finesse offices and will be facilitated by Shark Finesse value experts who have extensive knowledge and expertise from sales, finance and value-programming perspectives.

During the workshop the Shark Finesse value expert will use the Shark ROI software as a basis to identify the clients Business Benefit menus.

Workshop Agenda

Workshop Facilitators:  To be advised
Date:    To be advised
Resource Required:   Client Product Managers, Pre-Sales Specialists and Sales/Marketing Representatives
Venue:     Shark Finesse Ltd or Client Premises

  • Introductions and Objective setting
  • Discussion on ROI theory, including definition (e.g. what is an economic benefit),the production of business cases and where they fit in the sales cycle
  • Overview of Shark Application and examples from other Shark clients
  • Discussion of clients own features and benefits of solutions and how readily they convert to economic arguments
  • Presentation and discussion of existing Shark Finesse evaluator suites already available in the Shark ROI software
  • Compare client’s benefit findings with economic value drivers that already appear in the Shark Application
  • Agree assembly of evaluator menus in Shark e.g. by product, function and/or by end-customer requirement
  • Wash up session – confirm clients ‘blueprint’ Evaluator Suite and agree next steps
  • You will receive a comprehensive report on the workshop findings which can be used as a template for software customisation

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