Being an SFL Partner

It is estimated that over 90% of corporations already have effective sales engagement processes in their businesses. At Shark Finesse, we aren’t looking to replace what works….but we are promising to inject the new business case element to win more bids.

Our customers operate worldwide and demand local skills and resource for direct assistance with customers. There’s no point claiming to have surplus skills in Europe when a client has a business case problem in Australia and wants immediate access to skilled local resource.

Shark Finesse has around 20 service partners around the world that integrate Shark software tools into their own total service provision for their clients. We aren’t looking to displace partner’s service offerings…but looking to enhance them for everyone’s benefit.

Partners may be organisations with any of the following skill sets:

  • Broad based sales training organisations
  • Consultancy groups
  • Direct customer bid support
  • Structured sales process / enablement partners
  • Direct sales and marketing of our tools

Benefits of partnering include repeat commissions on license sales, use of ROI training collateral, introductions to leads within territories, and new services to complement existing offerings.

More than 50% of all our business is proposed, bid and won by partners with all aspects of the client relationship staying under direct partner control.

Want to know how this could work for you?

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Our lovely partners are…


Our mission is to enable top line growth and to maximise corporate value through a transformational approach, leveraging previous investments in people, processes, methodologies and systems. Our transformation framework with the sales dna® in its core provides the foundation to transform a sales culture from servicing demand to creating demand, combined with a sustainable management coaching practice, driving maximum value for your customers.

sales dna® [‘salz de’en-a’] genetic composite of sales competencies, processes, methods and systems, embedded in a sales leadership practice, that characterises the performance capabilities of an individual or a sales practice as a whole.

The Linkage between Shark ROI and sales-genetics
Shark ROI tools are a key enabler in the sales-genetics transformation framework.

As systems component the Shark business case tools empower our customers to eliminate the constraints of their sales practice and increase sustainable sales performance. The Shark tools help our customers to quantify the value they deliver to their clients on the way to develop an interdependent relationship and become the trusted advisor.



If you are a senior executive in sales, consulting, marketing or training needing new strategies to increase revenue, increase the probability your proposals will win, increase deal sizes and grow profits, here’s how Directional can help:

  • We offer Strategy & Consulting services to improve your sales process and deploy your sales strategy
  • We implement Shark’s Return-on-Investment software and offer deal clinic services to help you build compelling business cases
  • We train Sales Managers on how to recruit, induct, coach and increase the performance of your sales teams.
  • We offer Sales Intelligence Systems to help your teams understand what your clients are thinking about, and how your solutions can help.
  • And we offer some of the world’s best Sales Training, which we can deliver in English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and around the world.