About Shark Finesse Ltd

“Necessity is the mother of invention”


Difficult situations inspire ingenious solutions so when the founders of Shark Finesse Ltd were managing a business through the dot-com bubble of 2001 a radical idea came into being.

Budgets had got tighter and customers started to say that their default position was not to spend at all. They wanted economic proof explaining how their own business would improve in $ terms by spending money with us.

So we had excellent sales people describing the technical aspects of our solutions very well, but when it came to the $ proof both customer and supplier froze! Some said that’s the job of finance, and others said its best not to ask the questions in case the answer is negative.

We said….lets help the customer understand this, and build a software toolset to identify these benefits, convert these into the dollars and produce a business case with the right language to win the budget.

Shark Finesse was set up in 2002 to do exactly this. We asked all decision makers inside customers, and all sales and pre sales resource what they wanted from this tool. They said things like simplicity, reliability, speed, customization capability, not excel based …..and we delivered.

First customers included Microsoft, Orange, SAP, SAS and now years later we have expertise across many verticals and all continents. The secret of our success is speed of customization, initial affordability and ease of use, and the environment for every person to no longer be afraid of the business case numbers.

Shark Finesse Ltd is a growing fully funded private company…it has no loans or external shareholders and satisfies the most stringent longevity tests that global corporations look for in a strategic supply partner.

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