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The tool is simple to use providing immediate ROI results that can be shared with our...

Brad Nicolaisen, USA

A cracking tool – I cannot stress how much it has changed meetings we have with...

John Cruickshank, O2

The advantages of this tool are overwhelming!


Diane Hill, SAS USA

...this proved to be an important tipping point in getting the business closed.  

Charles P Johnston, UNIT4 Business Software Ltd

SAS UK have used the Shark ROI tool for over 3 years and monitored its impact on sales bids. We have identified that use of the tool has increased the sales conversion rate by some 30% against bids that didn’t use this approach and delivered a measurable shortening of the sales cycle.


We have been using Shark Finesse for the last four years to enable our customers and prospects to quantify the benefits of our software and solutions in financial terms, and to encapsulate these benefits in their business cases.We find the system incredibly easy to use, and in todays rapidly worsening markets, being able to demonstrate cashable efficiency savings, and to justify investment decisions is becoming increasingly important.

Phil Beaumont, UNIT4 Business Software Ltd

The Shark tool has been an invaluable resource - moving the focus from a cost and feature-based sell to a value-based sell.

Steve Pozzan, Ciber, Australia

The Shark tool provides us a competitive advantage over most of our competitors. It provides us a tool and a framework that the prospects recognize as added value, and facilitates us in being an expert and valued consultant to our prospects.

Dave Langan, Maximum Insight, US

I believe the value in this tool is not only in showing the financial benefits of going with our system, but is invaluable in getting the prospect engaged in the process.

Jim Flyn, Real Solutions, US

I think this is a professional tool, with not only all the financial expertise in it, but also with the feeling of a sales point of view. It looks professional and is professional! I know we are going to do more business and thank SAP and Shark Finesse for this!

Remco Vaesson, Stork, Netherlands

Great tool! It gives me more confidence now in selling and positioning value to the SMB customers.

Cheah Chee Keong, SAP Solution Manager, SMB South Asia Hub

The Shark ROI Tool provides us with a professional approach to discuss the financial aspects of the software investment. It also allows you to easily engage the prospect in building the business case that will justify their decision to buy. The Shark tool has been an effective part in helping us to close business, and we will continue to use this tool in our sales opportunities!

Alan H. Hardy, President, ESC Software

I am a great fan of the Shark Finesse Software and the ROI approach. The style of the food production company management made the ROI approach particularly challenging and we spent some considerable time with Martin Southern and on the phone to him. We then subsequently did two ROI presentations to the food production company. The first was to get them to reconsider the project, as it had been shelved until at least the next financial year. The second was to the Managing Director and Finance Director in order to get the decision to proceed now. This approach definitely helped win this deal.

Bernard Godward, Managing Director, Index Computer Systems. Index Computer Systems are now part of the K3 Business Technology Group

When I joined Pronto Software I asked my general manager to allow me to buy a license for a particular sales opportunity that was in danger of being delayed. He allowed me to purchase one license and the use of Shark Finesse won me a sale that was destined to be delayed by 6 months. Shark Finesse showed that each month of delay would have cost the prospect $9,500.00 on a sale that had an initial budget of $50,000.00 but grew to $165,000.00. When I presented these figures to the directors of the company they purchased our ERP solution. All Business Development Managers in all three states in which we operate now have a license for Shark Finesse.

Ivan Kemp, Business Development Manager, Pronto Software Pty Ltd

Shark Finesse is a vendor of a uniquely valuable software tools that capture and illustrate the financial value our products and services. My team selected Shark Finesse after a global review of the market and found the software and staff standing head and shoulders above the spreadsheet modelling options we had tried in the past.

Wayne Collins, Senior Director Marketing, Ventyx

My company has used Shark Finesse across EMEA for around 8-years and I have always found them to be more than flexible, willing and able to meet any reasonable request. They can and will assist with training and real customer cases. They want you to use the tool because they know that once you are up and running and have used the tool in real customer situation, you will wonder how you managed without it. Shark is a small and friendly firm with people who really know their market and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to you.

Andrew Cross, Solutions Director, Orange

Personally, this is one of the best weapons any sales executive should be armed with to win over deals and the competition.

Sharath Burla, Unisoft Infotech, Singapore

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