1. Step 1

    Get the cups
    (Agree benefits)

    This is an easy to follow step-by-step process for weighing up the difference the project is going to make. The facts and figures include the benefits, savings and the costs of waiting or doing nothing

  2. Step 2

    Warm the pot
    (Calculate ROI)

    At the blink of an eye, the software does some maths, prepares the ground and works out your return on investment (ROI). Our maths and tech experts have built in technology to show how much you can make from the money you've put in (NPV), the percentage you'll get back each year (IRR) and how long it'll take to get all your original money back (payback).

  3. Step 3

    And pour
    (Create report)

    And then our product gives you the report your client needs to convince their boss, the FD or the board - with all the facts and figures set out in an easy-to-understand, hard-to-argue-with way.

Home Brew

How our software brews the perfect business case

What is a business case?
A Business case is a document detailing whether a project is value for money or not.  Before deciding whether to invest in your solution or service, a client needs to assess what they will get out of the purchase.  This assessment is a key part of the business case and helps the client to make the right spend decisions.

Weighing up a project can be tricky; it has to be done using 3 globally defined measures which combine to describe the Return On Investment (ROI).  ROI describes the benefits from an investment opportunity and compares them to the costs involved. Basically, it lets you know if you will get back more money than what you put in.

Why do I need one?
Creating a business case with your client will help both parties work out what your solution does and how it delivers monetary benefit/value.  Being a part of the business case creation enables you to gain sponsored buy-in, access higher decision makers and most importantly win more business!

Historically complex spreadsheets or highly trained consultants were used to construct a business case. The spreadsheet approach confused clients and cost businesses valuable time and money.  Now there is an alternative. Shark ROI Software is a global product that outperforms all other business case creation methods by helping you build tailored cases for any situation, in any industry.

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