Training & Enablement

Having installed your new Shark software it’s time to get up to speed! After all, there’s no point having the world’s most effective business case software and not being trained how to use it effectively.

Who is it for?

Our qualified trainers are at your disposal to cover topics such as the ROI investment measures, when and how to use Shark software in your sales process and tips and tricks to maximise your results. All the training is based on your own business offerings and is built around real life sales scenarios encountered by your team.


You are in control – we tailor the training to your specific needs. The session can be one or two days depending on attendees’ capabilities and the complexity of example sales scenarios used in the course.

Some of the topics that are usually covered:

  • Shark Software usage (of course!)
  • The customer’s need for business cases
  • The ‘Do Nothing’ decision-maker
  • Return On Investment measures
  • Board Decision Making
  • Customer questioning techniques

It also doesn’t matter where you are – we will deliver training in the location of your choice – worldwide!

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