ROI Marketing

ROI Marketing is all about moving a customer from their current standpoint of:

“I don’t need it and it’s a waste of money!”

through to:

“Yes, I think I do need it and what’s more, it’s going to create some business value as well!”

For smaller deals, e.g. up to $15,000, this may be enough to get the customer to order. We don’t need anything complicated here – the spend is probably coming out of local budget and doesn’t need the sign-off from a senior review team.

At Shark we design, publish and host marketing tools which support this change of customer standpoint for companies like PROS, SAP, COLT (and many more). All of these tools have the client’s own branding, economic benefits and key marketing messages within them.

Don’t take our word for it!  You can calculate the potential monetary benefit of implementing a Shark program here, just select the benefits that apply yo you.  If relevant benefits are not listed give us a call and we can produce a business case with you.

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ROI Selling

This is all about getting closer to the customer and going into the detail of what their business case must look like. ROI selling can often follow an initial enquiry via an ROI marketing tool. Once the initial need or desire to purchase has been established the selling process must progress into a wider ‘ROI based business case’ showing costs, benefits, phasing, cost of money etc.

Shark software supports all the requirements of ROI selling including full reporting and graphics capability in order not to alienate the customer and putting them firmly in charge of the understanding of the business case. The customer’s understanding is essential because they are the ones who need to get the budget after the salesperson has gone home!

Shark Finesse is the leading global supplier of ROI sales products, regularly winning open bids or competitive tenders that are published by large corporations. We win these because we don’t have to re-invent new tools every time some new industry comes along or a new division or solution is added.

The Shark software environment manages all of the above; all our customers need are the key benefits to be introduced and a pilot ROI selling program can start within a matter of weeks, within an affordable initial budget and with clear measurement to prove its own value.


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