Benefits Discovery Workshop

Many companies surprisingly do not appreciate what their products and services achieve in quantifiable dollar terms for their customers.

Think of it this way…when revenues are on the up, and everyone wants your products and services with sales hitting their targets regularly…who wants to get back down to whether it really delivers any value?

Sooner or later, customer value delivery needs to be understood and that’s where the Shark team come in. With our fantastic range of customers across a wide range of industries, we can help you to design and define your own customer benefits. Your sales teams can lead with these benefits to secure that hard pressed budget against other bids and the dreaded “no-decision” manager.

This one day exercise is invariably the first step in a longer term relationship between us and our customers. And it’s an important step because you get to see our capability for a small workshop fee and see just how your own benefits can drive all sales engagements in future.

So, for a small investment, you either start a value journey with us today or you keep your benefits report until such a time as your sales teams decide that value selling is a key part of talking to customers. When that happens ring us then instead!


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