Shark Vs Excel™

“I use an Excel spreadsheet to calculate ROI so why should I use Shark instead?”

A typical statement from people who recognise the importance of using ROI in business cases but who do not realise the benefits of using the Shark ROI Sales System designed especially for this.

Why Shark is more beneficial than Excel for Sales people:

1: Customers do not like Excel.

Shark is a specially designed sales tool which shows a breakdown of the ROI calculations. This transparency eliminates any customer apprehension of figures accumulated from secret calculations such as they are in Excel.

2: Sales teams do not like Excel.

It exposes their mathematical inadequacies. Please look inside your organisation and identify one Salesperson (or Director) who can value the improvement of 1 debtor day to a business. Shark has extensive glossaries and help files so you will never be stuck for an answer on ROI.

3: Excel does not differentiate between cash movements early and later in each year.

The Shark ROI Sales Tool allows you flexibility to change start and end months of benefits and payments. This gives a more representative overview of the financial justification for your solution.

4: Excel does not produce a document with appropriate Board language for sign off.

Boards are not interested in complex financial analysis and spreadsheets – they just want summarised investment information that helps them make decisions. Shark produces a professional Board Report including explanations on how you reached your figures.

5: Shark delivers tamper proof calculations and a consistent sales message.

The calculations in Shark cannot be altered, unlike Excel – therefore the financial justification delivered to the customer is consistent and trustworthy.

6: Excel does not allow live shaping of deals to customer requirements.

It’s a static beast that only consultants can change…and charge by the hour to do so. Shark is designed to be used easily in front of the customer so you can change figures there and then, with the customer, and see instant results on how this affects the look of the deal.

7: Sales people in particular rarely use Excel successfully.

Costly consultants are often required to help arrive at appropriate conclusions. Using Shark is where our clients are successfully winning deals and avoiding price competition.

8: Only Shark delivers a particular discussion technique that can identify and help create agreement on the benefits the customer will receive from your solution.

Using ROI to grow business is all about growing budget inside the customer – not stealing it. The customer needs and wants to take part in an auditable negotiated process. Without this there are many ramifications such as loss of credibility, fulfilling the client’s exact needs and meeting Sarbanes Oxley requirements. Shark encourages interactions with your customer so the business case is agreed upon with figures sponsored by the customer.

9: Evidence of success.

These reasons explain where we are different… and archives of deal winning business cases are available to prove it.

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