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Make investment in new technology more attractive

Make investment in new technology more attractive

How can an investment in what on the surface appears to be a commodity solution be presented in a way that favours you as the supplier? In recent years, investment in technology was seen as an essential commitment to the future, and broadly received the support of most Board members. However, cynicism has increased around technology sales, and decision-makers now need hard proof of the benefits. The bigger the price tag, the better the proposal needs to be. How is this done?


This business case resulted from a bid by a global telecommunications company to provide hardware, services and systems solutions that monitor and manage communications networks. An opportunity arose in what was an extremely competitive sales situation. The customer was a leading international provider and manufacturer of heating equipment.


In response to an RFP, the telecoms provider knew they had to work very closely with the customer to manage the process. The cost of the proposed solution was higher than the competition and the client’s budget! Clear cost justifications were needed and they had to deliver an acceptable return on the incremental investment proposed.


Shark was a key part of the sales process. It helped the customer identify and quantify the real business value of the telecoms proposition and related it to bottom line benefits. Leveraging a recent Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) investment was discussed and it was agreed that the benefits from that purchase could be enhanced once the telecoms solution was in place.

Using Shark ROI software the supplier and the customer found common ground, negotiated jointly sponsored benefits and discussed the financial output results (Payback, NPV, and IRR) – together!


The telecoms provider was successful at demonstrating their focus on the business value of their solution and augmented the technical bid perfectly. Shark had delivered quantifiable ROI measures through a professional business case that met the minimum return requirements of the customer’s purchasing processes. It established credibility and trust within their client and proved that it made good business and technical sense to invest further in a solution that was initially more expensive than the competition. The customer agreed to move forward with their solution!



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