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Gain credibility and expand the scope of an RFP

Gain credibility and expand the scope of an RFP

How do you make your proposal stand out from the crowd? It is increasingly difficult to differentiate your proposal from the rest where products are becoming commodities and the customer thinks that cheapest is best. Even when replying to a standard RFP, you must view this as an opportunity to make your proposal look better than the competition.


The Engineering Company is looking for an answer to its storage problems.


The CIO had issued an RFP and had received six responses from equally capable suppliers. However, it was clear to the CIO that he had created a problem for himself. How was he going to find out which proposal was most valuable when the suppliers had all structured their technical solution and costs in slightly differing ways in an attempt to differentiate themselves?


Enter the service provider salesman with Shark in his toolkit. The CIO knew he had to provide his Board with a suitable business case and Shark would help him do it. “You mean I can choose my own benefits and how they apply to my business?”, he asked the salesman. The salesman was immediately elevated from a “me too” supplier to trusted advisor on the viability of the project as a whole. Together the CIO and the salesman worked out the benefits of the solution and found that they were so great that other projects could be justified under the same banner. This would solve many more problems than the CIO initially envisioned.


What was originally an $800k possibility with a very low margin became an opportunity to bid for over $1.5M. The other five responses to the tender were immediately dismissed since the CIO knew he wouldn’t receive a justified business case from those suppliers. He announced, “I’ve saved myself 6 weeks work!” Both sides were delighted with the outcome.

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